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Wednesday, 08 August 2012 11:00

Fat Boy Tower

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Fat Boy Tower

based upon the

vk4kdd One Man Tower


I'd been interested in Amateur Radio since I was a 16 year old, but never took that step up due to the morse code requirement, until the end of 2010 when I found out about the Foundation licence and that morse had been dropped across the board.

At that point I realised that I wanted to get myself a tower, so then a hunt for a tower that I wanted. During that time I came across the One Man Tower of vk4kkd, the tower than Kev made. I then contacted Kev, who just happened to at the time have his workshop down at Logan Village, and he invited me down to take a look at one 'in the flesh'.  I was mightily impressed by the design, as it was a tower I could changeover antennas as often as I liked without outside assistance, but didn't have the 'folding plastic' to buy at that stage, but Kev said that he was about to stop making them in the near future, and that I should order it sooner rather than later, but by the time I was ready Kev had stopped making them. This left me in a quandry, I found the tower that I wanted, but it was no longer being made and didn't know where to find someone to build one for me, let alone the design ! Then the idea came to me, why don't I build one myself ? ... I didn't have a welder, let alone knew how to weld.

Took a big time to think about it and do some research on welding, then chose to build my own. Bought myself a MiG welder that was on special at Mitre 10 for $450, then started to buy all the other gear and hired the gas cylinder. Built a steel workbench, and started to build up some jigs for the tower. In the meantime I found some owners of the earlier model of Kev's One Man Tower, and was able to check out how things where done, as well as some other stuff found on the net.

That all said, what I built was a Fat Boy Tower, it just so happens to look an awful lot like a One Man Tower, any and all mistakes are mine and have nothing to do with ones that Kev built.


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